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Overheard in the Local


Overheard in the local last night
D’ye go to mass at all?
Ah, just the odd time, ye know, Christmas ‘n funerals.
I see, I do go meself most weeks, don’t agree with it all but
I like the words but I tell ye something ye get a very different
class of a handshake down in Terrenure than ye do in Kimmage.
What d’ye mean?
The other week I was having an early one in Vaughn’s in Terenure
and said I’d go to mass there. Me favourite part of the mass is the aul
handshake with yer neighbour, ye know, ‘Peace be with you.’ I got a
fierce slippery shite of a shake from an uppety aul one down there,like
she wouldn’t mind if I was doin’ her plumbin’ or rakin’ her garden but she
wasn’t mad keen on seein’ me in public like, know what I’m sayin’? Like an eel her hand was.
Sounds like a fuckin’ posh parish.
Now your talkin’, different ball game up in Kimmage Manor. When ye shake with yer neighbour up there it’s like sayin’ ‘Done deal mate!’ like you’ve agreed on the price of a car, firm as fuck like after a mad barney, like real, ye know?
Feck Terenure man, up the Manor! Pint?


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