Author Paul Gilgunn

Paul Gilgunn is a composer and musician working across the peripheries of classical and popular music. His aesthetic is characterised by a defiant avant-gardism – a fascination with creating new musical representations to engage and expand subjectivity – encompassing a variety of forms, genres, instruments, and techniques. These projects often involve cross-disciplinary activities with literature, video, video games, and visual art. He has collaborated and performed with musicians including Rhys Chatham, Tony Conrad, David Daniell, Cora Venus Lunny, Robbie Malone, Jay Oglesby, Nick Roth, Danny Snow and Jennifer Walshe. Paul holds a B.A. in English and Music (DCU), an M.Phil in Popular Literature (TCD), and a Ph.D. in Music (Goldsmiths). His doctoral thesis (2017) examined Rhys Chatham’s pioneering compositions for multiple electric guitars in the context of a post-1945 culture characterised by immanence, immersion, and participation. Paul’s areas of interest include cultural theory and philosophy, performance, popular music, and underground music. A studio recording of his latest work HERE WE ARE NOW (2019) was released to critical acclaim in February 2019. He is currently preparing new works for analogue synthesiser, guitars, electronics, percussion, and voice.


Gimme Some Now

In an attention economy devised to distract and occupy consciousness, the exponential flow of information…