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Introducing a New Offer on the Cassandra Voices Patreon Site

Cassandra Voices is an independent Irish media outlet, specialising in long reads on politics, art and contemporary culture. It was founded in 2017 by Frank Armstrong, an established Irish journalist and law graduate, and Daniele Idini, an Italian photographer and trade unionist. Produced in Dublin, Cassandra Voices has featured writers from around the globe.

The magazine aims to provide a non-partisan platform for voices across the political spectrum to inspire new thinking, while allowing for critiques and discussion on topics often overlooked in mainstream media.

Apart from the online platform, the magazine has also released three print editions, as well as a book of poetry, and hopes, through readers contributions, to produce more in the near future.

As an independent journalistic enterprise, Cassandra Voices depends on readers ongoing support through Patreon and one-off donations from as little as $2 through Buy Me a Coffee. All contributions work towards sustaining a diverse media ecosystem, essential in the current climate.

We have now developed three new tiers for Patreon supporters:

Helping Hands for €4.50 a month: this tier is for anyone looking to extend the hand of friendship to a relatively new, independent media organisation.

Long Haulers for €9.50 per month: this tier is for those who wish to express a committed support for the continued work and growth of Cassandra Voices.

Patron of the Arts for €43.50 per month: this tier is for the happy few who wish to contribute substantially and support our work and safeguard our independence.

Our final bit of news is that we are delighted to welcome Ben Pantrey on board as a contributing editor.

Ben is a young writer from Mullingar, Co. Westmeath. His creative work, including poetry and an Irish-language short story ‘Eibhlín’ have appeared in student magazines such as Scáthán and Grass. As a non-fiction writer, he wrote a number of pieces for the music section of TN2 magazine, and later worked as deputy music editor for the same publication from April 2020. In Trinity College Dublin, he took an English Studies course, graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in 2021.

E-mail: [email protected]
Twitter: @voicescassandra

Featured Image: Daniele Idini with John Kyle. © Fellipe Lopes


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