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The Sunset Drive-in Cinema


I watched the flamed sky
as the earth rolled back
and made it seem
like the sun had set.

‘When I was just a little girl…’

I remember waiting
for the dark to start
as we sat in the car
at the drive-in cinema.

My mother loved Doris Day.

Strange business on earth
all the cars kept apart
by a long wood fence
with the whites to the right.

‘Que sera sera, what will be…’

Separate development
they called apartheid
and I developed separately
determinedly differently.

‘The future’s not ours to see…’

I watch the flaming sky
as the earth rolls back
and makes it seem
like the sun is setting.


About Author

Navika Ramjee was born in South Africa in 1950 into an Indian family. Her family history is marked by thatof the British Raj. She now lives in Oxford. Her work has appeared in The Wallace Stevens Journal and Aerodrome, a South African literary journal.

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