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Poetry: Rhys Mumford


On Opening A Door

When I left the cafe
I planted my leading foot beside the door
The front of my shoe just nudging the skirting
And I reached for the handle
with my opposite hand.
I only mention this because
(and eschewing false modesty)
my positioning was perfect.
It was perfect.
My carriage optimally aligned,
I was centred, in equilibrium,
I was the Platonic ideal of a Archimedean lever.
I pulled the door towards me
with balance, fluidity and poise.
In short I do not think
I could have opened that door
any better than I did.
And if anybody were watching
Perhaps they would have thought:
We do not know the situation of this man
His career-prospects
Or status of his soul
But this we know:
On one occasion
Here, this day,
he opened that door
I wonder if


About Author

After reading Chinese Studies at Oxford University, Rhys Mumford embarked on an international career of news anchoring in Taipei, English teaching in Brussels and pot washing in Sheffield. He currently lives and works in Belgium and makes a mean truffle and celeriac soup.

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