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Poetry: Peter O’Malley


The Only Time Our Adult Hands Touched

I was 29, he was 72
We were building up a stone wall
That a Hereford bullock knocked
When trying to leap over

Our hands went for the same stone
Then both pulled back
I was embarrassed
That’s how he raised me

He said after 7 hours
‘Ah we will leave the rest till tomorrow’
I was shocked
It was the first time in my life
I heard him say such treasonous words

In the car on the way home
I realised that some day, within my lifetime
He was going to die on me
Leaving me unable to hold anything in my hands
Except cold dead stones

Feature Image: Daniele Idini


About Author

Peter O Malley has worked as a farmer in the west of Ireland for the last fourteen years. In his spare time he studied Celtic Civilizations, History, Philosophy and Literature in University of Galway and University College Dublin.

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