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Poetry Recording – Paul Curran


Try mph

To Payney, Tinpan, JJ, Tom P., Tom C., Col, Ry, Peewee

I know the car I would most love to own:

Well red, early seventies TR6,

That beautiful, British-built, roadster mix,

Boldly bearing the boxed badge of renown –

Great jewel in Triumph’s commercial crown –

Two point five litre, manual, straight-six,

Mint restored, flying new like a phoenix,

To be roared, roof down, roared round my home town.

Not for the dropping into overdrive –

Instrumentation alive on the dash –

Nor for near-by-gone auto heritage.

More for the pace and the raw expressive

Chase and catching of oneself off guard – Flash! –

Much unfussed by life’s high, rising mileage.

Paul Curran was born in Stratford-upon-Avon in 1975. He holds a degree in English Language and Literature from the University of Oxford and a Masters Degree from the Royal Central School of Speech & Drama. He has worked widely as a professional actor. His Only Sonnet loosely follows the pattern of the seasons, comprised of 100+ ‘alternative’ sonnets; Repeat Fees and its 80 sonnets and longer poems was published in July 2017.


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