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Poetry: Michaela Brady


White Bay Park

And cows trod on thickened sand,
Bow their heads beneath the sun.
It’s as if this summer was planned,
With days that cannot be done.

That sun implores, infects my sight,
Surges fire through greying sea,
Through my heart and through the night,
Perennial, I am allowed to be.

Could I spend an eternity here?

If I lassoed eternal dusks,
If you were caught as well,
All our present woes would rust
In Atlantic’s alabaster swells.

But life will change, not just the tides.
I cannot say when I’ll be back.
You cannot know what you’ll decide.

Could eternity wait for our return?
I cannot trust a view revived
To last a lifetime I have hardly lived.

Feature Image: Daniele Idini


About Author

Michaela Brady's writing has been featured in Psychology Today, The Sarah Lawrence Review, The Oxford Review of Books, The Bright App blog, Streatham Lockdown Diaries and Airplane Reading. In recent years, she has been shortlisted for the Benjamin Franklin House Literary prize, and won first place in the Nature 2020-21 anthology competition for the blog, “Tales for the Ones in Love.” Originally, from NYC, she studied creative writing, media history and psychology at Sarah Lawrence College, and hold an MSc in Social Science of the Internet (Oxon). She is currently a civil servant at DCMS, and an active member of the Oxford Writing Circle.

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