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Poetry: Kevin Higgins ‘Safe to Say’


Safe To Say

How ghastly the day before yesterday was
now everyone associated with it is dead.
In the future I’ll be against
what’s going on now.
I’ll be on the television,
horrified. But not yet.

As a civilised person,
I’m absolutely in favour of the nice policeman now,
one hundred percent against the tear gas and dogs
you forced him to use on you back then.

Sometime the century after next.
I’ll be against giving the children of Bethlehem
something from Lockheed Martin
to occupy themselves with for Christmas.
Like I was against rhino-whipping the blacks
into line in Port Elizabeth, Ladysmith, Pietermaritzburg
after it stopped happening.
But, for now, see no alternative.

Feature image: police dog during a demonstration in England.


About Author

Kevin Higgins’s poems have been broadcast on BBC Radio 4, RTE Radio One, and Lyric FM; and quoted in The Daily Telegraph, The Times (UK), Hot Press, The Daily Mirror and on Tonight with Vincent Browne. He had published six collections of poetry with Salmon Poetry, the most recent being ‘Sex and Death at Merlin Park Hospital’ (2019). His books can be purchased at www.salmonpoetry.com.

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