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Poetry – Brendan McCormack


omeros is unforgiveable

they come and they go
fleeting wet bullets
my bed has left me
for another bed

the world has lost eternity
clocks are now winding
towards a new paternity

i wait within the ward of maternity
for mother to give birth to me
so that the idea of him
will return

midnight in the soup cans of desire

the taps have stopped dripping
love is cold
i am stuck like ketchup
waiting for her
to give me a slap
and release me from
the gravity of our affair

sometimes it is enough
to sit and cry
and stare

sometimes the night
is stuck like this
and who knows
who is dying
by chance

it is raining in dublin
all we can think about
is love

a soupçon
is enough for now.


Brendan McCormack is a writer from Dublin. He now lives and works in West Cork. He is an environmental activist and was part of the successful ‘Save Our Skibbereen’ campaign and ran as an Independent in the local elections of 2019. His first collection of poetry, ‘Selling Heaven’, was published in 2012 by Burning Apple Press, NJ, USA. A second collection was published in 2014, ‘Phuckle – Irish Auf English’. He has featured in anthologies such as ‘The Gladstone Readings’, 2016, and ‘Songs for Julia’, 2014. He was shortlisted for the Bridport Poetry Prize in 2009. He is currently working on a novel, ’88’.


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