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Poem: Take me to Éire


Take me to Éire

Please take me to Erin
For I am twenty-seven;
Reassurance I am in my prime
Dwindle in the idle time.
So take me to Erin when I am ready,
When the everywhere that I have been
Weighs like waves upon me.
Let me meet her in the pause of night,
When the dawn is burning
And a murder takes its flight,
And I, no longer yearning
For the grassy seats of kings,
Endless paths of peat and song,
Rest my life upon the wind,
And in an Otherworldly blaze, pass on.

Feature Image: Lough Glenade, County Leitrim.


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Michaela Brady's writing has been featured in Psychology Today, The Sarah Lawrence Review, The Oxford Review of Books, The Bright App blog, Streatham Lockdown Diaries and Airplane Reading. In recent years, she has been shortlisted for the Benjamin Franklin House Literary prize, and won first place in the Nature 2020-21 anthology competition for the blog, “Tales for the Ones in Love.” Originally, from NYC, she studied creative writing, media history and psychology at Sarah Lawrence College, and hold an MSc in Social Science of the Internet (Oxon). She is currently a civil servant at DCMS, and an active member of the Oxford Writing Circle.

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