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Poem: ‘Faerie Fire’ by Rye Jaffe


Faerie Fire

From forests, fields and fens, fair folk are found,
where witchery winds with the wailing wind,
dug deep down dreams drooled by departed drowned,
as painfully professed by powers pinned.
In iron, imps immersed incur ill eye,
manacled to mortal machinations,
while led by living lights, our lost lives lie
sunk ‘neath stars of shoreless sublimation.
Hence, happiness haunts high in harrowed hells
as eldritch escorts eagerly enthrall,
with conjured chains to clasp close cloistered cells
run red by romance rebuffing recall.
And nevermore need namesakes now be known,
to those tied tight unto this twilight throne.

Feature Image: The Quarrel of Oberon and Titania by Joseph Noel Paton (1849)


About Author

Rye Jaffe is a neuroscientist who enjoys creative writing. Their work has previously been featured in Coffin Bell, Gone Lawn, Grand Little Things, and more. Their spare time is spent plotting world domination.

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