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Artist of the Month – Moira Tierney


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The beach is one of the few places you’re going to see New Yorkers immobile, supine, sleeping in the sun … everyone piles onto the F train to Coney Island, or the Q to Brighton Beach, or the A to the Rockaways, with the coolers of food and booze, the umbrellas, the boomboxes … the lifeguards at the Rockaways are the handiest with their whistles (Rip Tide Alert); Brighton Beach has the all-seasons Russian swimmers (Odessa represent); Coney Island is bearing up under the assault of developers, who haven’t quite managed to kill the vibe (Reggae and Old School House on the Boardwalk) … there’s always someone hefting a cooler of nutcrackers down along the beach (you mightn’t know exactly what’s in them, but the buzz is guaranteed), as well as beer (cold beer! holodni pivo!) and bottled water … the chislers go mad when they see the ice-cream cart approaching (also hauled down along the beach in the soft sand) … after the summer eases on out and the streets lose their heat, the boardwalk is still buzzin …

Moira Tierney is a film-maker based in Dublin and NY. You can find out more about her work here: +


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