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Artist of the Month Luz Peuscovich: ‘the power of the bonds’


Nothing is born alone. We all come from somewhere and are the result of thousands and thousands of bonds over time.

To be an explorer of nature is to discover those webs, networks, circuits and fluids. And reconnect with the subtle dimensions of nature, looking over those multiple and diverse universes of the organic kingdoms.

That is the collection phase. But the work does not end there, then comes the construction stage.

But what to build? For What, Whom, and Why?

My work is an ongoing research into the perception of the senses in space – of the body in different contexts. I am interested in the experiences that we keep in our memories and unconscious. I am fascinated by the integration of human beings with nature, and in re-evaluating the forgetfulness that we suffer from in city life. But what is fundamental for me is to talk about the environmental realities of the places I visit.

The process begins with trips to explore the territory, to know the particular qualities of its ecosystem and collect carefully the necessary materials.

Thus I present a conglomeration of unique information from each site. This set of experiences results in the development of installations that operate as symbols and formal configurations, habitable, immersive and floating spaces.

The REFUGE is a central concept, as well as life in COMMUNITY, and the search for the SUSTAINABILITY of the work. In that intention to reconnect with nature and its forms, my research brought me into closer contact with native communities. I have witnessed the links they keep with the natural world in their daily habits, but also (like us) living under this sad domestication of capitalism, and the enormous complexity of living in a system that does not measure the true cost of consumption in terms waste.

Over time I have discovered that the collection outings and subsequent construction of installations are ways of weaving points of view and amplifying perceptions.

This involves reevaluating found objects; linking similar materials from different places, and at the same time meeting the same human reactions on one side of the world as another. This brings my interest to a point of integration. I channel the bio-diversity that surrounds us in order to revisualize our relationship with Earth, our planet, and question our ways of inhabiting it.

The power of these bonds offers a possibility of a broader understanding of Who we are, What we are doing, and Why that is.

Luz Peuscovich is our Artist of the Month for December. For more details her website is; follow her on Instagram @luzpeuscovich.

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