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Artist of the Month – Giulia Canevari


My paintings are inspired by the simplicity and perfection in Nature, revealing what our soil provides for us.

I am moved by other botanical artists, portraying plants in a natural way, sometimes illustrating the features of each plant scientifically, or simply picturing their beauty without getting too methodical.

Painting Nature is a way for me to connect with the constant motion of plant life, exhaling flowers and leaves. But often what we see is stillness.

Thanks to botanical art and my background as an environmentalist I moved into Organic growing and horticulture.

These experiences have brought a deeper respect for soil, and its capacity to create through my daily waste.

I have always traced life to its origin in the ground, and how we effect other beings on Earth.

Learning about horticulture has added more clarity to my art.

Thanks to the NCAD community garden I have learnt how to build soil from wastestuffs: horse manure from stables; vegetable waste from the Smithfield market; coffee grinds from local baristas, wood chip from tree surgeons. Once you add these together, with the help of beautiful earthworms, compost is formed, which improves Soil.

Every plant I draw is the expression of what the Soil provides for us as human beings. A beautiful gift from Mother Earth we meet every day, even in cities: amazing colours and different shades which come from this beautiful dark matter.

If we connect with this energy and we work with Nature we build this connection, receiving gratitude in the vegetables and flowers that nourish and give us pleasure.

I develop a close connection with plants while I paint them, appreciating their movements and importance to us. The Soil is the most important ingredient of life on Earth and we must respect it, knowing that it is not necessarily immutable, which may not be immediately apparent.

We can respect, co-create and understand the circles of life which the Soil requires to regenerate and become fertile.

The beauty of our flowers and plants cannot be taken for granted. There is danger whenever we neglect these patterns of creation, which form the fertile Earth around us.

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