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Barry Gibbons DIAPHANISM

DIAPHANISM – Barry Gibbons Fumbally Exchange, 5 Dame Lane, Dublin 2 Opening: Thursday February 8 at 6pm Runs until February 11 DIAPHANISM is a solo exhibition from Dublin-based artist Barry Gibbons. Featuring contemporary approaches to printmaking, this show explores textures of light, line, colour and shape in new configurations. The title of the exhibition is a neologism based on the adjective ‘diaphanous’ – derived from the Greek words ‘dia’ and ‘phainein’, meaning to ‘show through’. This new body of work sees diaphanous textures relaying atmospheric scenarios and quiet spaces, and which employs rare multiplate carborundum collographs to express his impressions. He achieved First Class Honours in his Masters Degree in Limerick School of Art and Design (2016), having completed Fine Art degree in Dublin Institute of Technology (2011).